Schedules are as followed:

Scheduels are the same for every week unless changed by me (Scourmon). I will add any instance selection made by anyone. All time is refered to server time or 1hr before EST. If I am not available for raids, the next high level captain aka (Master Knight) will take over.

 Raiding Schedule

Modays:              BT Raid at 6 pm

Tuesdays:           BT raid at 6 pm

Wednesdays:      Ally raid 5 pm

Thursdays:          No Raids Today

Fridays:              BT Raid/Ally raid 6 pm

Saturdays:          BT Raid  8-9pm

Sundays:             BT Raid    7pm


Arenas and battlegrounds will take place during the day before BT raids. Arenas mostly with 5v5 and 3v3. Nothing in the Arena Schedule will be changed unless there are issues with my schedule.