The Cydonian News:

Welcome to the Cydonian news. On this page news updates about anything u could imagine will be posted. For important information concerning the guild consult our raid schedule page or our homepage, or contact me via WoW.

A Hedgehogs dream

Look at this little thing isnt he adorable. The theory that hedgehogs are illegal in some states bothers me. I say SCREW IT I WANT ONE ANYWAY. U CANT SAY THAT HEGDEHOG DOESNT WANT TO BE WITH ME o.o. So one day i see a man walking down the street with a little thing on his shoulder. I ask the man what is that thing, he replies its my pet hedgehog. Well this couldnt be the thing was no bigger than a summoned prarie dog. So the man grabs the animal off of his should and BAM! :OOOO ITS GONE!!!!

Lohan Gay?! Scandal

In More recent news the discovery of lindsay lohan and her gf sammy. Now this is old news like after 2 weeks. But really lindsay gay thats a new low even for her, i can understand the drugs and alcohol but honsetly. People say that now that shes going out with sam her life has been turned around. I FIND THAT HARD TO BELIEVE. In some pictures taken by the po's sammy looks drugged up and drunk. And lohan looks worse than ever. She might as well drop dead as of now. Lindsay WHERE HAVE U GONE WRONG! UR ALREADY UGLY XD.